Garden Show Fever

Lordy, this has been one long winter! I would give my first ripe tomato, to be able to get to work outside. I took a spin around the display still up from the Adams Garden Show. Breathe. It’s always lovely, but I would still rather the greenhouse be full of plants I could buy and bring home. If you’ve ever wondered how they get all those plants and trees and stone in there, were’ a really cool time lapse video of them putting one of their shows together.


The Capital District Flower Show is coming up on March 21st. True, it’s not the Philly Flower Show, but once again you get to inhale all that scent of damp soil. And there are plants to buy!


Garden shows are really pretty amazing. There we all are, walking around a big cavern with a cement floor, gaping at plants that don’t even grow and bloom at the same time, in the garden. Most of the time there’s a black curtain behind them – hiding what, I don’t know. But we love it. It must be sense memory that makes us suspend belief and revel in setting. After this winter, I’ll take it.


  1. lezette proud says

    how to germinate Leeks seeds- chill or freeze for a few hours or use warmth to break dormancy? what is shelf life of my collected 2012-13 blue solaise seeds? thanks

    • says

      Seeds from plants in the onion family deteriorate quickly. Onions only last a year, but leeks should be viable for 2 years. I would sow a little heavily, to hedge your bet.

      Don’t freeze them. Start the seeds off with slightly warm soil, but move the container to a cooler spot, when the plants emerge. Let them grow at about 60F, while indoors. Start them soon. They can take a good 8 – 10 weeks to be ready to move outdoors. But they’re worth the wait. Blue Solaise is my favorite variety.

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